Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hello, everyone.  It has been a LONG time since I posted, and I've had some "static" about it, so am going to play a little catch up here.  I have been painting some, and have some finished I'll show you.  Sold the two watercolors below last month to a new home in Houston.  Thank you, Beth.

Floral Frensey

Three Poppies

I've been playing with a new medium, alcohol inks, and am trying out what its potential and possibilities are.  I love the bright, pure colors, but it is not always manageable.  It has its own properties, and I'm still learning how to handle it.  Here is a small one below.
Hill Country Morning is framed and ready to hang.

Here are three watercolors just finished and not yet framed:

Floral Flair

Static in the Stratisphere

Tipsey Tulips

And one last piece, small collage, just finished:

Fall Flair

If you are interested in any of the ones above, let me know and I'll send you sizes and prices.  I have several others in the works.  The wildflowers here are just gorgeous this year, full fields of them.  I've taken lots of pictures, and hope to use some of them for paintings.  Also I have been taking pictures of Sun City, which is drop dead gorgeous this time of the year, and will work on some of those soon.  

Several of us set up a still life in the studio last week and took lots of pictures so I hope to get some still lifes working before long.  We had all taken a still life class from Marci Boone the week before and it was such fun we are trying to keep it going.  Have fun painting and do a better job than me in getting them posted!!!

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